iruka is in shock for a bit and just tells him while pinching the bridge of his nose
whereas kakashi just gives sasuke some smut and rubbers because he is too fucking old for this shit he did not sign up for this


excuse me why are none of you giving this notes it’s hilarious

"When a person… has something important they want to protect…
that's when they can become truly

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edit: i forgot the tails oh well

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I’m a genin from today!


" D o   y o u   f e e l   g u i l t y … ? “

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He does this EVERY TIME. 

An hour from now, his head will be in Shikamaru’s lap and he’ll ask if its a smart ninja strategy to touch Sasuke’s snake. No homo though.

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started desk job this weekend; let the doodling commence

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//I’m feeling better, although I did just fuck it up really bad and my dad is so disappointed in me. But still, I am overall feeling better. I take back everything I have ever said about my mom, because we had a heart to heart talk and I found out about a lot of things that she did for me that I had no idea about. She’s just like me, she has a problem too, I shouldn’t (and will not) hold it against her. I want to get back to this blog, so I’ll set up a queue I think, and hopefully I’ll make it all the way to roleaplaying on here again. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me during this crisis, and to all the people who thought of me, and to everyone who stuck around despite the major breakdown I went through. drinkingwiththehokage and fierykage are a big reason why I’m still alive today, so my gratitude goes to you. I have no words, and there is nothing in this world that can compare to what you have done for me. Thanks everyone for reaching out and for being patient. I’m doing my best to get over it. Hopefully I’ll be completely back on here soon. Thank you guys again.

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